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Shane Financial Services, llc

Peace of mind for YOU and those YOU love


Shane Financial Services, llc


125 S. Franklin St. Unit 1995 Muncie IN 47308


I believe these four core principles are essential for life and for conducting business.

HONESTY – I am honest in all communications, interactions, explanations, and recommendations.  Yes, I make money helping people find the right insurance solutions for their specific needs.  However, I will never violate the four core principles in order to make money personally.

RESPECT – I treat all people with respect no matter where they live, what they do, where they come from, their gender, their ethnicity, how much money they make or have, nor their religious belief.  Every person is different and will be respected for who they are.

INTEGRITY – Everything I do revolves around a deep inner desire to help people the best way possible for their unique situation.  I put the needs and desires of my clients above everything.

WISDOM – I listen to what my clients share with me to help understand their life goals.  I use the knowledge I have from extensive industry training to provide the best possible solutions for them.

These 4 core principles will always be adhered to so that I can provide 

Peace of mind for YOU and those YOU love.


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